What is forum4e?

It’s an online community for people with epilepsy and carers of people with epilepsy.

Who can join?

Anyone with epilepsy and carers of people with epilepsy. You just have to be 16 or over.

forum4e chatroomHow much does it cost?

Nothing. It’s free.

Who runs forum4e?

forum4e is run by Epilepsy Action, a charity and the UK's leading member-led epilepsy organisation.

Do I have to be a member of Epilepsy Action?

No, you just have to complete the Creating an account form for forum4e. However, you may want to become a paying member of Epilepsy Action anyway. You can get copies of our membership magazine Epilepsy Today, and various other benefits. Your subscription will support the charity’s vital work and keep forum4e going. Find out more.

How can I join forum4e?

It’s simple. Click on Create a new account and follow the instructions. You are not committing yourself to joining by going to this page. But we’d love it if you did.

What can I do on forum4e?

  • Read other people’s ideas and thoughts.
  • Post This means asking questions, responding to other messages, or offering general thoughts.
  • Chat This means you can go into the Chat room and chat with other members. This is very regularly used and a great way of feeling part of the community.
  • Blog This is like a personal diary. It’s a great place to let off steam.
  • Private message if you want to contact someone privately.

What sort of subjects do people write about?

Anything and everything.
Obvious subject areas include medication, seizures, carers, benefits, driving and employment. There is also regular information from Epilepsy Action on its campaigns, research and fundraising.

What will I get out of it?

It's a really friendly, supportive community. It’s a great source of information from people who know. It’s a way of feeling less isolated and better understood. And there are some truly dreadful jokes on there.

Is it moderated?

An Epilepsy Action staff member will be looking at the posts on a regular basis. There is also a report button if you spot a problem.

What if I get stuck with the technology?

What if I get stuck with the technology? Do not worry. Lots of people who have hardly touched a computer before, have been delighted to find themselves managing fine on forum4e. And if you do have any problems, help is on hand. Often other members can help you out. And there is a whole section on Help, which will hopefully answer all your questions.

Do I have to use it regularly to keep up my membership for forum4e?

No, it's completely up to you. Some people only visit for a specific question, others start that way and then get involved and stay for ever! And some people are just occasional visitors.

When should I join?